Our Lady of Perpetual Help Women's Club

Welcome and thank you for your participation in the Women’s Club! Since women began gathering at OLPH in 1939, the Women’s Club has nurtured a proud and strong legacy. We are grateful for your service and commitment!

Our theme for the Women’s Club this year is Resilience. May we walk hand in hand with each other and our faith as we bring new light and a strong sense of resilience to the year ahead. Every day is an opportunity to look forward and create anew. May we not let yesterday define tomorrow. As a community of women, let us remember the beauty of our differences and the strength and power we have together as one to create a meaningful impact in our community and parish.

Please take a minute to review this online portal and see all the wonderful things we do at the Women’s Club. Let us remember our faith, hope, and love in Christ as we work and play together on the many Women’s Club events this year. We are all volunteers with the desire to experience friendship while making our community a more welcome and better place.

I have a few things to bring to your attention:

DATABASE: Please send any changes in your Guild (address, email, phone) throughout the year to Julie Doell (olphwcsecretary@gmail.com).

MEMBERSHIP: Jeanne Simons and Kathy Quinn are the Membership Chairs this year and are ready to assist your membership needs. Please let them know of any potential new members who would like to join your Guild or become a member of the Women’s Club (olphwcmembership@gmail.com).

NEW GUILD EVENT/PROJECTS: Please send any new ideas to the Executive Board. The Women’s Club thrives on the new ideas you bring! If an event or project seems too big a task for your Guild alone, we are happy to connect you with another Guild that may be looking to help. There are almost 900 women who are members of the Women’s Club. Many hands make light work!

FLYERS: If you need to pass out flyers or handouts at the meetings, please bring 50 copies to pass out at the board meeting. One to each Guild as well as the Executive Board and Father Boland.

AGENDA: If you have anything you would like to be included in our monthly meeting agendas please send to Meghan Johnson by the Sunday before the meeting. (olphwcpresident@gmail.com).

I hope your guild has a wonderful year! Please remember we have an incredible resource of generous hearts and warm smiles.

God Bless,
Meghan Johnson
President, OLPH Women’s Club

Contact Information:
President - Meghan Johnson

Vice President - Jen Farr

Secretary - Julie Doell

Web Secretary - Anna Farris

Treasurer - Anne Burke


Our goals this year will incorporate the 2021/2022 theme along with the themes of our past five presidents.

Resilience (2021-2022) - Meghan Johnson
May we walk hand in hand with each other and our faith as we bring new light and a strong sense of resilience to the year ahead.

Hope (2020-2021) - Maureen Clifford
In the world you will have trouble, but take courage, I have conquered the world (John 16:33). During these challenging times may your faith provide hope so that you can love and therefore change the lives of others.

Identity (2019-2020) - Kathy Quinn
Take a minute to look at all the wonderful things the Women’s Club does. Take a moment to pray about your identity and how your life can become a little richer and a bit more meaningful in this amazing community.

One Another (2018-2019) - Jeanne Simmons
Love one another, pray for one another, encourage one another, serve one another and teach one another.

Each one, bring one (2017-2018) - Ann Waris
May we Seek, Share, and Rejoice striving always to be a faith filled welcoming Community.

God Tells Us to Seek Humility, Service, and Love (2016-2017) - Lisa Mullen
A quote from Pope Francis, may all the women in the Women’s Club take the time to serve one another and the community, with both humility and love.

Guild Position Descriptions

Guild Leader / Co-LeaderAttend all Women’s Club board meetings, run Guild meetings, and communicate information to the Guild.
Co-LeaderAttends meetings in absence of Leader. In some Guilds, the Co-Leader takes over the next year.
SecretaryTake attendance, any necessary minutes, and send out notices of Guild meetings. Responsible for any needed Guild correspondence.
TreasurerCollect annual dues and handle expenditures and disbursements within the Guild.
Goodwill and WelfareNotify Guild members or Women’s Club representative of birth, illness, or death of a Women’s Club member. Follow up on any special needs of a Guild member due to illness or death in their family.
Holly FairAct as a Guild liaison to the Holly Fair Chairperson and HF Volunteer Chairperson. Coordinate member volunteer assignments for Holly Fair.
Hospitality SundayOrganize Guild volunteers to fulfill assigned parish Hospitality Sunday commitment -- once or twice a year.
Emergency ShelterCoordinate annual Guild participation in providing casseroles for the Sharing Committee to give to the Madonna House in Wrigleyville once per year.
Senior MinistriesCoordinate and plan Guild assistance for scheduled birthday and social parties for the residents of Citadel and the Convent of the Holy Spirit. Approximately two times per year.
Brown Bag LunchesOrganize Guild participation and preparation of brown bag lunches for the needy. Can coordinate with Parish Outreach contact. Optional.
Befriend-A-FamilyCoordinate Guild participation to provide for the Guild’s assigned family with help from the parish Befriend-A-Family coordinator.

Communication Policy

Our goals in providing communication to the Women’s Club are to be as efficient and informative as possible while working in conjunction with the parish information distributed separately. We do not want to duplicate the information or inundate you with too many repetitive emails.

Therefore, we will continue with our plan to send our emails that will include all upcoming Women’s Club events on a monthly basis. We will also provide a reminder for any Women’s Club sponsored event that is requested by the sponsoring guild before the upcoming event. However, all other parish events will not be sent out separately from the Women’s Club.

Instead, if requested, School, Religious Ed, Men’s Club, Ministries or other parish events will be included in the monthly communication at the bottom of the email under new heading entitles UPCOMING PARISH COMMUNITY EVENTS.

Membership Process

  • Women interested in joining the women’s club should contact the membership chair

  • The membership chair will discuss placement availabilty with the interested party

  • Individual guilds submit potential new members to membership chair for confirmation of placement

  • Women will be placed in guilds throughout the year (September – May)

  • If members leave a guild or change their status, membership chair should be informed. all changes submitted to web secretary will be forwarded to membership chair

  • Guilds will complete a guild profile from the membership chair once a year to determine which guilds have openings (keeping the 30 person suggested maximum from the by-laws)

Financial Policy

Treasurers Opening Letter

Membership Dues

Expense Reimbursement Form

Financial Summary

Sales Tax Guidelines

Sales Tax Exemption Form

Goodwill and Welfare


“Blessed are You, Loving Father for all your gifts to us. Blessed are You for giving us family and friends, to be with us in times of joy and sorrow, to help us in days of need and to rejoice with us in moments of celebration.”

Attention: Goodwill and Welfare Representatives
Please notify Nancy O’Brien of the following, in a timely manner, so it may be communicated with the Women’s Club membership:

  • Guild member’s newborns or adoptions

  • Death of a Guild member

  • Death of a spouse of a Guild member

  • Death of a child of a Guild member

  • Death of a parent of a Guild member

  • Status of any illness a member wishes to have shared with the Women’s Club

Any news of death or illnesses other than those mentioned should be relayed through the individual guilds.

The Women’s Club will send out an email blast to notify the membership about a death. You do not need to email the members of your guild with this information, as they will receive the emails for the Women’s Club directly. However, you will need to call any members of your guild that do not receive emails to pass on this information.

Thank you and please feel free to contact me with any questions. Wishing you a wonderful year.

Nancy O’Brien
OLPH Women’s Club Goodwill and Welfare
847-832-1325 (home) 847-863-3239 (cell)

Guild Event Information

Event Marketing & Publicity


September 26, 20219:00, 9:30, and 10:0001
October 31, 20219:00, 9:30, and 10:0002
November 14, 20219:00, 9:30, and 10:0003
January 23, 20229:00, 9:30, and 10:0004
February 13, 20229:00, 9:30, and 10:0005
March 13, 20229:00, 9:30, and 10:0006
April 10th, 20229:00, 9:30, and 10:0007

** From set-up to clean up, (8:45) to Noon. Recommended to have at least 2 – 3 people, one for each table.

Hospitality Instructions

From set-up to clean up, 8:45 AM to Noon. Recommended to have at least 2 – 3 people, one for each table.

You will find items in the McDonnell Hall Kitchen.

Refrigerated items are on the LEFT hand side shelves and bottom of refrigerator.

Paper goods and other items, (sugar, creamer, etc.) are in the cabinet labeled “Hospitality”.

Please return all items to the hospitality closet after the last mass of the day.

Instructions for all masses are included below. Keep in mind, although we have at least 6 masses on the weekends at OLPH, we will assign THREE masses per hospitality weekend.

***Donuts should be picked up by 9:00a.m on Sunday. Please confirm who will be picking up the donuts at Dunkin Donuts (corner of Lake and Waukegan)* The Guilds will be doing the following masses: For all Sunday morning. 9:00 AM , 9:30, and 10:30.

Hospitality signs are for the following locations:
1) Place 1 outside on the front sidewalk at main (WEST entrance) doors of Church.
2) Place 1 (smaller ones) on sidewalk at the North entrance to Church
3) Place 1 on sidewalk at the South entrance to Church.


1. You may put on gloves, (which are on the counter) and follow directions that are by the coffee maker for making coffee.
A. Make 3 pots Regular and 1 pot Decaf for 9:00 Mass and 9:30
B. Make 2 pots regular and 1 pot of Decaf for 10AM (if needed) Check your supply

**NOTE: Check and use coffee from previous masses as they may be full and will stay hot.

2. Gather and place the following in the wagon found in the back of kitchen/or stairwell:
Juice cups Coffee cups
Coffee Carafes
*Donuts on wire trays will be labeled for each mass and are kept upstairs on bench.
Serving baskets with sugar, sweetener packets and stirrers Bottles of Orange Juice
Bottles of Apple Juice

3. Hospitality is normally located inside the gathering space inside the south doors. If nice weather, please set up tables parallel to each other, on either side of sidewalk outside south doors
Take the wagon up the elevator and bring to the designated spot where you should find 2-3 tables and 1-2 garbage cans for your use.

4. Place items on the two tables for the best flow. You may have coffee, and donuts on one; juice and donuts on he other. You may set them up across from each other.

Set drinks up on the table with napkins and donuts. When communion begins, pour apple and orange juice, 1⁄4 and 1⁄2 full (younger kids, smaller quantity). Continue to pour as people come out. Coffee is self- serve, but you may serve some cups to help with initial rush. Donuts should be labeled on outside of bags for each mass time.

EXTRA donuts may be handed out at end of day. Sharing room has been closed. You may leave a plate of donuts covered in fridge for the maintenance men.

5. Please follow all instructions and leave the kitchen as neat and tidy as possible.

Load the wagon with all the extra goods after your last mass and bring down the elevator to kitchen.

Tie up garbage bag. Leave tables and garbage cans to be cleared later.

Pick up hospitality signs and return to stairwell hallway.

Thoroughly rinse out the coffee carafes; take them apart and leave to dry on the counter.

Put all paper goods and supplies back in the Hospitality closet.

Put all cold items back on top and bottom LEFT side shelves in the refrigerator. Please throw away any bottles with just a little left.

Throw out coffee filters that were used and turn machine buttons OFF. Wipe down any counter space.

*If you have wire baskets from Dunkin, they need to be returned. Check to make sure everything looks good and close door as you leave.

Thank you for hosting. Your efforts are very much appreciated.

Vivienne Lato
312-907-2356 (cell)

Senior Ministries

Abington, Convent, Glenview Terrace, and Citadel Parties

Women’s Club Chair: Colleen Huffman
Phone: (312) 961-3363
Email huff735@sbcglobal.net

Thank you for volunteering to be your guild’s representative for our Women’s Club community service. By volunteering for this service you help make a nursing home resident’s day a little brighter. What little we can do to make them smile and feel appreciated is the reason we participate.

Please see the attached information sheet for each individual facility. Each facility is made up of different residents with different capabilities and interests. By reviewing the sheet for that specific facility and adhering to the recommendations, we will be able to provide an enjoyable experience for the residents.

Due to covid-19, some of the nursing homes may not be allowing visitors. Please work out arrangements with the social director. Ask if you are able to send cards, care packages, birthday gifts, etc. Each home will have different guidelines, but any recognition we can give the residents is especially important at this time.

The schedule for each individual guild is also included. Make sure you review the information ahead of time so proper planning and arrangements can be made.

Please call me with any questions you may have and thank you again.

The Abington


Activities Director: Olga
Phone: 847-729-0000

Event Time: 2:30-3:30 p.m.
Contact should be made one month before the party
Parties are held on Fridays **
Attendees are usually 20-30 residents. Plan to have 2-3 volunteers

** If you need to schedule a date or time change, you must call Olga two weeks before the party month. The Abington prints a monthly calendar the last week of the month for the following month.


When you call Olga, ask how many residents are attending and let her know what the entertainment plans are. The party is STRICTLY entertainment. NO food or drink is required as the facility has a Friday Happy Hour right after your event. The party will be held in the main dining room and can be set up as needed. There is a piano available and a microphone. Think ahead to plan something fun and exciting for the residents. If you are not able to visit the residents, please discuss options with Olga on some sort of recognition such as homemade cards or children’s artwork.


November 5, 202126
January 7, 202206, 25
March 5, 202230
May 6, 202207

Convent of the Holy Spirit


Activities Director: Barbara
Phone: 847-881-8978
Email: directornursing@msn.com

Event Time: 3:00-4:00 p.m.
Contact should be made a minimum of one week prior to the party**
Parties are usually held on Wednesdays.
There are usually between 15 to 20 attendees, and it is recommended you have at least 2-3 people from your guild help out.

**If you need to request a date or time change, you must contact Barbara two weeks in advance.


When you call Barbara, ask how many residents will be attending. You may bring a cake or cupcakes and a small drink*. If you would like to bring a small gift that would be fine, but not necessary. Gifts might include travel size lotions, flowers, plants, religious decorations, note cards, wrapped candy, chocolates, small picture frames or any dollar store item you feel would be appropriate. You may play a short game or just socialize. The residents love to have discussions about current events, sports, books, or listening to you tell them about your busy lives. Ask them about theirs too.


When you call Barbara ask how many residents will be attending and let her know what your party plans are. You may bring a small food item and a drink*. This is your opportunity to plan and provide entertainment, play a game, or work on a craft.

* Serving size should be thought of in terms of a “child’s serving portion”.

Please discuss any restrictions of visitors with Barbara. The nuns greatly appreciate any cards or recognition you can give them at this time.


September 9, 202131Birthday
September 22, 202121Social
October 6, 202138Birthday
October 20, 202119Social
November 10, 202101 & 17Birthday
December 8, 202109Birthday
January 5, 202203Birthday
January 19, 202224Social
February 9, 202215Birthday
February 23, 202229Social
March 9, 202208Birthday
March 23, 202202Social
April 13, 202232Birthday
April 27, 202234Social
May 4, 202214Birthday
May 18, 202235Social
June 8, 202201 & 17Birthday
June 22, 202237Social
July 13, 202226Birthday
August 3, 202230Birthday
August 17, 202236Social
September 7, 202231Birthday
September 21, 202221Social

Citadel Nursing and Rehabilitation Center


1700 East Lake Ave.

Activities Director: Michael
Phone: 847-729-1300 ext. 4233
Email: mstacy@citadelhealthcare.com
Event Time: 3:00-4:00 p.m.

Contact should be made a minimum of one week prior to the party. ***
Parties will be held on Mondays. Michael is in the office on Mondays, Fridays, and weekends

Attendees are usually between 50-60 residents. This is a large group so it is recommended you have at least 3-5 people from your guild help out. There are1-2 nurses aides on hand to also help you.

***If you need to request a date or time change, you must contact the activities director a week before the party month. Citadel prints a calendar that is distributed to each resident on the first day of every month.


When you call the activities director ask how many birthday attendees (male and female) there will be. Also find out how many total residents will be in attendance. Please bring a small gift for each birthday attendee. Gifts might include socks, note cards, travel size lotions, small picture frames, or any dollar store item you feel would be appropriate. Please do not bring candy. Please announce each birthday attendee by name and with a round of applause.

You may bring a cake or cupcakes and some drinks*. In addition, if you would like to bring some additional snacks, that would be fine. Fruits (with no seeds) or appetizer type items would be good.

Residents have varying degrees of capability. Please plan your entertainment accordingly. Music, dancers, a sing along, short plays, children/adult choirs, etc are all good ideas. Put on your thinking cap and there will be something all the attendees can enjoy.

*Serving size should be thought of in terms of a “child’s serving portion”. Nonalcoholic drinks and punches are allowed. All food must be store purchased.


September 9, 20219Birthday and Social
October 4, 202128Birthday and Social
November 8, 202135Birthday and Social
December 13, 202137Birthday and Social
January 10, 202207Birthday and Social
February 7, 202204Birthday and Social
March 7, 202223Birthday and Social
April 11, 202236Birthday and Social
May 9, 202238Birthday and Social
June 6, 202215Birthday and Social
July 11, 202219Birthday and Social
AugustNo party 
September 12, 202228Birthday and Social

Glenview Terrace


Activities Director: Jolly Abraham
Phone: 847-729-9090
Alt phone: 847-832-4653
Email: jabraham@glenviewterrace.com

Event Time: 3:30-4:30 pm
Contact should be made one month before the party
Parties are held on Wednesdays***
Attendees are usually between 30-35 residents. Plan to have 3-4 volunteers

***If you need to schedule a date or time change, you must call the activities director a week before the party month. Glenview Terrace prints a calendar that is distributed to each resident the first day of every month.


When you call ask her how many residents are attending. The party is a food preparation demonstration. Ideas such as making easy no cook appetizers, mixed fruit salad preparation, assembling banana splits, making tea sandwiches or preparing party punches, etc are all great ideas. Please NO hot items. The party will be held in the second floor dining room. Make sure you bring any necessary kitchen items and tools you will need for your demonstration. Make sure you have enough food to prepare something for all the attendees. If your item is food, please bring a small beverage to serve, if you are making a punch, please make sure you bring a small food item to serve*. Plan ahead for something fun and delicious.

Note: At this time, they are not accepting any food that is not pre-packaged. Please discuss options and current policy with the activities director.

*Serving size should be thought of in terms of a “child’s serving portion”. All food must be prepackaged. No homemade food is allowed.


October 6, 202139
December 1, 202132
February 2, 202205
April 13, 202220

Emergency Casseroles

Emergency Shelter Casserole Schedule 2021-2022

Each month the Women’s Club provides casseroles to the Emergency Shelter in support of the Sharing Committee. Each guild is assigned a month in which to provide six casseroles according to the following schedule:

September 11, 202136, 37, 38
October 2, 20211, 2, 3
November 6, 20214, 5, 6
December 4, 20217, 8, 9
January 8, 202214, 15, 16
February 5, 202217, 19, 20
March 5, 202221, 22, 23
April 2, 202224, 25, 26
May 7, 202228, 29
June 4, 202230, 31, 32
July 9, 202233, 34
August 6, 202235, 36, 37
September 10, 202238, 39

Directions while the Sharing Room is closed due to Covid-19

  • Each guild is responsible to cover the cost of six casseroles, serving 10-12 people.

  • Your guild does NOT need to purchase any casseroles directly as the Sharing Room will be closed for drop off. Fred Donnelly will be purchasing and delivering the casseroles on behalf of your guild.

  • Please mail a check before your assigned guild date for $40 written out to Fred Donnelly - 1620 Blackthorn Drive Glenview, IL 60025.

Directions for when the Sharing Room is reopened.

  • Each guild is responsible for six casseroles, serving 10-12 people

  • Casseroles should be frozen, whether homemade or purchased

  • Cooking instructions and contents should be clearly marked

  • Label each Casserole: Emergency Shelter, Guild #______

  • Place the casseroles in the low white freezer on the north wall of the Sharing Room in the Lafayette Building before 9AM on your assigned date or the day before

A written reminder will be given to each guild prior to the assigned month

Thank You in advance.

Please call Jen Farr 847-987-0611 or
email olphwcvicepresident@gmail.com with any questions.

Emergency Casseroles History

Paul D’Amore joined the Sharing Committee when it first began. Helping the hungry was the main focus, so in February 1984, Paul found volunteers who made casseroles for the shelters in the Inner City, which he delivered once a month. This led to his collaboration with Sally Corbett, the 1984 Women’s Club President, where Sally initiated the idea of guilds providing the casseroles. Paul has continued to manage this program since the inception in 1984. The original shelter at St. Sylvester’s in the Logan Square neighborhood is now closed, and casseroles are delivered to Catholic Charities Madonna House in Wrigleyville.

There are currently 28 guilds that provide 6 casseroles month. With each casserole feeding approximately 10 people, we are providing over 1500 meals a year.

Thank you for your continued support!

Women's Club Closet

The Women’s club closet is located behind the stage in McDonnell Hall.
This closet is kept locked. When you have a guild event coming up,
please contact me to get items from the closet.

The rectory office has a key to the closet. Once you have cleared your
request with Liz, you can get the key directly from the rectory if

Attached is the current inventory of your items in our closet. We have
many things that can be used for your event. It is important to check
the supply closet prior to purchasing or renting items. It should be
noted that the church and school also use items from our closet and
there is a demand at times for our inventory so please give a two week

Please return the cleaned items within a week.

Thank you
Liz Gomez, 847-724-8986, lizzy429@yahoo.com


Top shelf

  • 4 boxes large plastic hurricanes

  • 4 boxes large glass hurricanes

  • 1 box red votive candles

  • 1 box red candles

  • 20 small glass bud vases

  • 20 large glass bud vases

  • 1 box silver bud vases

  • 1 bag white toile

  • 1 box butterfly streamers

  • 1 bag Mardi Gras beads and masks

  • 2 boxes foam dice necklaces

  • 1 large box silent auction baskets

Second shelf

  • 1 box glass wine carafes

  • 1 box silver table sign holders

  • 100+ clear votives

  • 1 large box of paper flower decor with a large bag of balloons

  • 1 box 50+ balloon weights

  • 1 Miseracordia heart clear lock box

  • 1 box Santa decor

  • 6 cash boxes

  • 12 water pitchers

  • 1 large bag plastic Christmas tree ornaments

  • 4 cornucopias

  • 5 twig baskets

  • 2 boxes archived WC directories

  • 1 large box office supplies including raffles tickets, large bag of small pencils

Third shelf

  • 3 power strips

  • 1 large box cloth like Easter colored tissue

  • 1 box Easter colored small buckets, ribbon, and balloon weights

  • 1 large box glass tea lights candle holders and candles

  • 2 bags of white toile

  • 1 box guild # signs

  • 1 box guild # sign holders

  • 22 large Easter egg buckets

  • 1 large box plastic Easter eggs

  • 1 med. box of Easter colored ribbon

  • 1 large box white Christmas lights

  • 1 large box of hot water/coffee carafes

  • 50+ clear plastic trays

  • 2 hot water/coffee dispensers

Bottom shelf

  • 20 blue small tablecloths

  • 12 70X120 red tablecloths

  • 22 pink and white gingham tablecloths

  • 10 70X120 green tablecloths

  • 1 large box hangers

  • 3 large rolls pink plastic table covers

  • 1 large roll red plastic table covers

  • 16 white cloth napkins

  • 5 50 in. square tablecloths

  • 50+ black plastic trays

  • 1 large box of white plastic picture frames

Grey metal closet #1

  • 7 boxes antique China teacups and saucers

  • 1 box crayons

  • 24 cream and sugars

  • 40+ navy table runners

  • 1 box silver frames

Grey metal closet #2

  • 6 boxes China cups, saucers, and teapots

  • hot water thermal teapots

  • rags for cleaning teacups

  • box of misc. tea party favors and supplies

  • ivy and toile for lattice decorations

Holly Fair 2021

November 1st thru November 7th

OLPH Church Women’s Club is pleased to announce our 40th Annual Holly Fair 2021

With continued restrictions around the pandemic - the shopping event will be held November 1-7 with many shopping experiences to suit all of our loyal Holly Fair shoppers. We will have the return of hollyfair.org for online shopping. Most of our vendors will be part of this online event! In addition, we have added three homes in Glenview which will host 5-7 vendors each for shopping on November 4th! We will have a couple pop-up shops in Glenview for Holly Fair week as well. New this year is “Around Town” which will include stores and restaurants around our town that will be offering in-store shopping and dining and take-out while donating 15% of all sales to Holly Fair 2021! On November 5th, we have moved the “Holly Fair Playdium” experience to McDonnell Hall and it’s new name is “Santa’s Village and Sweet Shoppe”. It will be a Holiday decorated Christmas Wonderland offering vendors that have holiday decorations, cards and many gift ideas too! Santa’s Sweet Shoppe will replace the Cookie Walk! The word on the street is Santa may be making an appearance on November 5th to see the shoppers and good little boys and girls! Each of our fabulous vendors have agreed to donate 15% of all sales over Holly Fair week! As always the vendor donations go to the charitable works of the OLPH Women’s Club.

Ways for you to support Holly Fair 2021
Promote Holly Fair Shopping to family and friendsBecome a Holly Fair Family or Corporate SponsorVolunteer your talents to our amazing Holly Fair teamAnd of course........Shop our amazing vendors Nov 1-7
Your Holly Fair Chair, Mary Campobasso campobasso1251@gmail.com Cell 847-436-1667

Holly Fair 2021 Dates

Holly Fair Online - Nov. 1-7
Vendor Shopping @ www.hollyfair.org

Holly Fair Around Town - Nov. 1-7
Local In Store Shopping and Dining

Holly Fair In Home Boutique - Nov 4
Specific Vendors in local Homes 12-9 pm

Holly Fair Santa’s Village - Nov 5
Holiday Vendors and Santa’s Sweet Shoppe in McDonnell Hall 9am-4 pm

Spolier Alert: Santa might make an appearance on Friday

Holly Fair Family and Corporate Sponsorships Letter